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SWAJ removes all types of flux residues (RA, RMA, no-clean and water-soluble) quickly and efficiently, with minimal environmental effect using low cost, readily available cleaning equipment. It is also suitable for removal of uncured solder pastes and general grease and dust. SWAJ contains a corrosion inhibitor allowing the safe cleaning of all metals including aluminium, copper and brass, even if the units are to be cleaned many times per day.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

  • SWAJ is specifically formulated for safe cleaning of all metals including aluminium, copper and brass. SWAJ is also used extensively to clean flow solder jigs or pallets to remove the build up of flux deposited throughout the wave soldering process.
  • Low odour, non-hazardous and for use in batch cleaning systems using ultrasonic or spray-under-immersion


Prod. No. SWAJ05L
Safewash J Cleaner 5L

Prod. No. SWAJ25L
Safewash J Cleaner 25L

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