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SafeWash SWAS

SWAS removes all types of flux residues (RA, RMA, no-clean and water-soluble) quickly and efficiently, with minimal environmental effect using low cost, readily available cleaning equipment. It is ideally suited for the removal of very stubborn flux resides and no-clean fluxes, which can be extremely difficult to remove. SWAS will remove them to military cleanliness standards. It also has a lower odour than the other Safewash variants and is easy to rinse. For spray applications where foam generation may be a problem, an alternative Safewash should be used.  

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • SWAS is similar to SWAJ but with enhanced cleaning performance. Cleans flux residues and no-clean flux to military cleanliness standards.
  • Low odour, non-hazardous and for use in batch cleaning systems using ultrasons or spray-under-immersion


Prod. No. SWAS05L
Safewash Super Cleaner 5L

Prod. No. SWAS25L
Safewash Super Cleaner 25L

Prod. No. SWAS200L
Safewash Super Cleaner 200L

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