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Ultraclens ULC

ULC is a special blend of solvents for cleaning of critical electro-mechanical applications, and is highly recommended for cold cleaning applications in conjunction with all types of electro-mechanical equipment. ULC is also ideal for use in cleaning tanks, as it has a low evaporation rate and high flashpoint. A full range of cleaning solvents are available from Electrolube, including fast evaporating solvents and water based cleaners.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Highly penetrating cleaning solvent for removing heavy deposits
  • Excellent cold cleaner for electronics and engineering
  • High flash point, reduces the risk of fire caused by flammable solvents
  • Ideal for stencil cleaning


Prod. No. ULC200D
Ultraclens 200ml Aerosol

Prod. No. ULC400
Ultraclens 400ml Aerosol

Prod. No. ULC01L
Ultraclens 1L

Prod. No. ULCA05L
Ultraclens 5L

Prod. No. ULC25L
Ultraclens 25L

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