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Electronic Cleaning Solvent IPA

IPA is a cleaning solvent which is internationally approved to standards required by the major electronics manufacturers. The product is designed for use where the application of CFC based solvents is undesirable. IPA will clean thoroughly all electronic equipment and is safe to use on most plastics. IPA is 100% Ozone Friendly.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Efficient general purpose electronic cleaning solvent
  • Removes contamination from PCBs
  • Excellent plastics compatibility
  • Economic in use


Prod. No. IPA01L
IPA Cleaning Solvent 1L


Prod. No. IPA05L
IPA Cleaning Solvent 5L


Prod. No. IPA25L
IPA Cleaning Solvent 25L


Prod. No. IPA100
IPA Cleaning Solvent 100ml


Prod. No. IPA200
IPA Cleaning Solvent 200ml Aerosol


Prod. No. IPA400H
IPA Cleaning Solvent 400ml Aerosol


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