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Electronic Cleaning Solvent Plus ECSP

Electronic Cleaning Solvent Plus is a fast-drying solvent specially formulated for the quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment. It replaces CFC solvents that were used in Electrolube products; such as ECS which exhibited rapid cleaning and fast evaporation rates. ECSP is 100% Ozone Friendly. A version is available with integral brush for removing stubborn deposits.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Very fast evaporating cleaning solvent
  • Removes grease, dirt and most fluxes
  • Completely residue-free
  • Highly flammable - not to be used on live equipment


Prod. No. ECSP200D
Electronics Cleaning Solvent 200ml

Prod. No. ECSP200DB
Electronics Cleaning Solvent 200ml Aerosol + Brush

Prod. No. ECSP400D
Electronics Cleaning Solvent 400ml Aerosol

Prod. No. ECSP6.25L
Electronics Cleaning Solvent 6.25L

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