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Radsol T208C Flux

Radsol T208C is a mild extremely efficient alcohol based flux is ideal for dipping applications designed for copper and copper alloys.

Radsol T208 Fluxes find uses wherever a mild, though efficient, fluxing is  required. They are particularly suitable as a substitute for the  traditional resin safety fluxes where the stickiness of the resin cannot  be tolerated. They are most efficient on plain copper and brass. They  can also be used on tinned surfaces, solder plating, nickel plating,  tin/nickel plating, silver plating and gold plating. 

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Zinc chloride free - ensuring inert, non-corrosive post soldering residues
  • Mild – Soldering heat decomposed the small proportion of active material normally removing the need for washing.
  • Alcohol based – Very low latent heat of fusion reduces solder spitting when dipping. If residue removal is required, the residues are extremely water-soluble or, if preferred, can be removed with most polar type solvents.


Prod. No. 52664 - 10L

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