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Surface Mount Rework Flux SMF/SMFL

Electrolube Surface Mount Rework Flux is a quick drying, mildly activated (RMA type) no-clean flux in aerosol form for use when removing and replacing surface mount components. The aerosol is fitted with a wide angle actuator to give a protective film and an extension tube actuator for pinpoint application. Particularly recommended for precision products e.g. telecommunications or professional computers where a high degree of reliability is required.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Quick drying, mildly activated (RMA type) no-clean flux
  • For use with hot air, hot gas or conventional soldering techniques
  • Zero halide content so no cleaning is required
  • Supplied in pen (SMF) and aerosol (SMFL) form


Prod. No. SMF12P
Rework Flux Pen 12ml

Prod. No. SMFL200D
Rework Flux Pen 200ml Aerosol

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