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Alpha 2110 Rosin Cleaner

Alpha® 2110 is a cleaning concentrate designed for efficient removal of rosin flux residues from printed circuit boards using aqueous saponification processing. In conveyorized, in-line aqueous machines, Alpha 2110 will provide excellent cleaning of assemblies, even to ionic cleanliness standards set forth in MIL-P-28809.

2110 is formulated to maintain its composition in the recirculated wash solution during prolonged use, thus greatly reducing makeup additions normally required. Alpha  2110 works without the use of silicone defoamers. If excessive levels of foaming are observed while using Alpha 2110, consider the use of K-2235LF saponifier. Alpha 2110 removes rosin flux residues primarily by forming water soluble rosin soaps.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Cleans rosin flux residues in water solution. Proven alternative to solvent cleaning. 
  • Most widely used product of this type. Safe and effective, even for high reliability assemblies.
  • A concentrate used at 3-5% in conveyorized cleaners. 
  • Cost-effective and simple to use.
  • Phase II approved.


Prod. No. 116381
Alpha 2110 Cleaner - 25L

Prod. No. 116381.0005
Alpha 2110 Cleaner - 5L

Prod. No. 116381.0001
Alpha 2110 Cleaner - 1L

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Q - Can this product be used in an industrial dish washer if so what level of concertration should l use?
A - For this application l would recommend 1-3% concentration. As an addition to a larger inline machine you can go up to 5-10%

Q - After Cleaning I have noticed that all the solder joints are looking dull.
A - The sapponifier concentration you have used is to high and a light etching has taken place,you may be able to reverse this appearance with another cleaning process.

Q - Will this product work on Rosin based fluxes as well as water soluble?
A - Yes, the addition of a sapponifier into the cleaning process will react with the rosin and create a soap solution allowing it to wash off easily.

Q - Can l dispose of the dirty solution down the drain?
A - In all cases you will need to contact your water authority. They could well allow it depending on other types of business locally in your area, but would certainly look to monitor heavy metals in that discharge.

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