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Alpha Vaculoy SAC305 Solder Alloy

ALPHA® Vaculoy SAC305 is a lead-free alloy suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63 alloy.  As with all Alpha Metals bar solder, Alpha’s proprietary Vaculoy®  alloying process is used to remove certain impurities, particularly oxides.

This alloy will give you excellent solderability, reduced potential for  bridging between high density components and works well with all common fluxes in use today including VOC Free.

Recommended solder pot temperatures are between 255°C and 265°C. 

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Yield – Best in class yield, out performs all Sn/Cu based materials
  • Wetting speed – fast wetting, in back to back tests 0.65s compared to 1.00s, for Sn/Cu based materials.
  • Dross generation – Low dross generation delivered by Vaculoy alloy conditioning.
  • Excellent solderability due to fast wetting speed.
  • Very good drainage,  has lower levels of bridging compared to Sn/Cu alloys.
  • Delivers excellent performance across a wide range of Flux technologies


Prod. No. 51726
Alpha Vaculoy Lead Free SAC305 1 kg Bars

Prod. No. 54612
Alpha Vaculoy Lead Free SAC305 Chunks

Prod. No. 54614
Alpha Vaculoy Lead Free SAC305 3.5kg Ingot

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