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S64 - High Temperature Flux

Alpha® S64 is a liquid activated rosin flux, which can be used for dip-tinning of component leads as well as for conventional wave and hand soldering. It is a clear solution of a modified rosin with a fast acting activator package which provides a rapid cleaning action and excellent wetting. As the activator is fully soluble in the solid rosin, the post solder residues are in the form of a solid homogeneous coating which is free from corrosive or hygroscopic inclusions.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • High Temperature Flux
  • Ideal for Dipping Applications
  • Excellent Wetting
  • Usable up to 400°C

Shelf Life - 18 Months from DOM


Prod. No. 153595.0010


Prod. No. 153595.0005


Prod. No. 153595.0001


Data Sheets and Info

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Q - Can this flux be used for high temperature solder dipping?
A - This flux is suitable for use up to 400 oC. Ideal for transformers and chokes where the wire coating needs to be melted away during the soldering process.

Q - I need to find a suitable solder alloy that will work around 380 C - 420 C is there one?
A - The favorite among many customers is the Alpha Fry LS4. This can be supplied in Bar, tinmans or wire depending on your application.

Q - Are the flux residues corrosive after soldering?
A - No. The residues after soldering are neither hydroscopic nor corrosive to the finished product.

Q - If the flux gets too thick for the application can l thin it down back to the correct specific gravity?
A - Use Alpha 425 thinners to restore the flux back to manufacturers specification which is 0.905

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