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TSC Stencil Cleaner

TSC Stencil Cleaner is a highly effective proprietary blend of solvents formulated for the fast, effective removal of Solder Paste and Surface Mount Adhesives from Laser Cut SMD Stencils, Squeegee blades and associated tooling within the printing process area. This highly effective cleaner has been formulated to offer the end user an environmentally friendly cleaning solution which has no ODP, has a high flash point, low vapour pressure and is fully biodegradable.

TSC Stencil Cleaner is supplied ready for use and should be used undiluted at normal ambient temperatures, there is no need to heat this product. It will dissolve uncured paste and adhesive residues within seconds and requires only a small quantity to make the material ready for removal. TSC Stencil Cleaner is suitable for both manual cleaning operations and for filling the reservoir on all stencil printers, when using automatic under stencil cleaning systems

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Heating not required
  • Dissolves uncured paste and residues in seconds
  • Suitable for both manual cleaning & stencil printers
  • No ODP
  • Can be used on Laser Cut SMD Stencils, Squeegee blades and associated tooling


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