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KYZEN E5321 Maintenance & Pallet Cleaner

KYZEN E5321-LF is a room temperature pallet and maintenance cleaning agent specifically designed to remove flux residues from wave solder pallets, reflow oven filters, spray nozzles, air bubbling diffusion bars, and other assembly hardware used to solder and reflow printed circuit assemblies. E5321-LF will clean most residues in the 3-5% concentration range however, baked on and hardened lead-free high temperature flux residues may require higher concentrations.

E5321-LF is formulated to minimize the foaming potential that can be caused by some organic acid soils in batch spray systems. E5321-LF has a broad material compatibility matrix including PVC plumbing. KYZEN Booster 20 is available to increase effectiveness and compatibility of E5321-LF for parts with aluminium hardware.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Effective at Ambient Temperature
  • Successful Results with Minimal
  • Exposure Time
  • Long Bath Life
  • Broad Material Compatibility
  • Including PVC Plumbing
  • No Foam at Low Concentrations
  • Non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution.

Product Data
Typical Process
Product Properties
Process: Spray, Ultrasonic, and Soak
PH (10G/L): 11.2
Concentration: Pallets: 3-10%
                                    Maintenance: 5-10%
Flash Point: None to Boiling
Temperature: Ambient to 104°F/40°C
Boiling Point: 223°F / 106°C
Rinse: Recommended DI Water
Water Solubility: Partial
Dry: Hot Air
VOC @ 10%: 56.0 g/L


Product Number : E5321-LF

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