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ergo 5880 Flexible Black Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Kisling's ergo® 5880 Flexible Black Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is a black, rubber toughened, instant adhesive, with high viscosity.  5880's formulation makes it ideal for bonding parts such as metal to metal or metal to plastic, which may be subject to intermittent impact and shear stress, as it shows excellent resistance against dynamic loads. 5880 maintains these properties under varying thermal and climatic conditions.

5880 is a good all round adhesive suitable for many different applications, including within the electronics assembly market where it is suitable for adding additional support to larger surface mount devices, capacitors and connectors, before wave soldering. 5880 adhesive finds a number of uses within the audio design and assembly markets as the black colour blends very well into loud speaker cones etc.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

All ergo.® hazard-free adhesives and sealants bear the Kisling sustainability label. This label stands for highest quality, performance and sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle, from purchase to production and manufacturing to disposal.


Product Number : 5880

Prod. No. CH-193-248
ergo® 5880 Flexible Black Adhesive 20g (PK150)

Prod. No. CH-193-248
ergo® 5880 Flexible Black Adhesive 50g (PK50)

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