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Delta NC601E No Clean Solder Wire

Qualitek Delta NC601E is a no clean cored solder wire that is available with both lead-containing alloys and lead-free tin/silver copper alloys, such as SAC305 and SN100E. It provides the fluxing activity levels that promote fast-wetting action and maximum wetting spread. NC601 contains purely organic acid activators so leaves minimal residue and spreads like an RA type cored solder wire. NC601 exhibits virtually no spattering and conforms to IPC-J-STD-004B.

NC601E's core is a rosin free flux (colophony free) and is ideal for Health and Safety non-use of rosin recommendations. The No Clean flux residues are non-corrosive and non-conductive but if required to clean then a simple brush-off or warm water rinse can be done.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent wettability
  • Non-tacky residues
  • RoHs compliant
  • Colophony/Rosin Free
  • Flux Classification: ORL0
  • Available in leaded (62/36/2 & 60/40) and lead-free alloys (SAC305 & SN100E)


Product Number : NC601E

Prod. No. SW-014-078
NC601E SAC305 0.5MM 2.2% 500G

Prod. No. SW-014-017
NC601E SAC305 0.7MM 2.2% 500G

Prod. No. SW-014-079
NC601E SAC305 1.2MM 2.2% 500G

Prod. No. SW-019-032
NC601E SN100E 0.5MM 2.2% 500G

Prod. No. SW-019-038
NC601E SN100E 0.8MM 2.2% 500G

Prod. No. SW-019-078
NC601E SN100E 1.2MM 2.2% 500G

Prod. No. SW-011-027
NC601E 60/40 0.5MM 1.1% 500G

Prod. No. SW-011-024
NC601E 60/40 0.7MM 1.1% 500G

Prod. No. SW-012-011
NC601E 62/36/2 0.5MM 1.1% 500GM

Prod. No. SW-012-010
NC601E 62/36/2 0.7MM 1.1% 500GM