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Delta 302 No Clean, Halogen Free Flux

Qualitek Delta 302 No Clean flux is a homogeneous mixture of halogen-free, low solids, organic flux designed for wave soldering conventional or surface mount PCB assemblies. 302 provides superior foaming characteristics with a uniform, stable head of small bubbles. 302 exhibits excellent wetting and fluxing activities with essentially no residue left on the assembly after soldering. 302 may be used for both leaded and lead-free applications.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Halogen-free
  • Excellent wetting
  • Bright, shiny solder joints
  • Low residue
  • Rosin/Resin free
  • Compatible with Lead-Free & Leaded Solder Systems
  • Flux Classification - ORL0


Product Number : 302

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