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ALPHA CUT HR2 Stencils

ALPHA® CUT HR2 Stencils are the new improved printing performance,  laser cut stencil from MacDermid Alpha. ALPHA® CUT HR2 Stencils retain the best-in-class shape, positional accuracy and wall quality associated with the standard ALPHA® Cut material, with the added benefits of improved print definition and reduced variation in the solder paste deposit. The stencils are designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate stencil printing performance for most surface mount requirements, particularly when used in conjunction with ALPHA® Solder Pastes or ALPHA® HiTech SMD Adhesives. The stencils are manufactured using a CAD/CAM driven high precision XY-laser cutting process.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Best-in-Class positional accuracy proven in process capability studies
  • Best-in-Class aperture tolerance
  • Maximised paste transfer efficiency for optimum paste deposit repeatability and minimal under stencil wiping.
  • Framed or frameless foils to suit all printers and formats
  • Stepped area(s) for optimized paste volume deposition
  • Ultra-fine pitch capability
  • Range of stainless steel thicknesses 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mil (80, 100, 120, 130, 150, 180, 200 and 250 µm) with stepped area(s) for optimized paste volume deposition.

Whats improved?:

  • Improved volume repeatability*
  • Increased print yields*
  • Improved solder paste transfer efficiency* 
  • Improved print definition*
  • Smoother walls*
  • Drop in compatibility
  • Available in common formats such as ALPHA® Tetrabond and meshed frame stencils


Product Number : HR2

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Q - Why has MacDermid Alpha introduced the ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils as its new standard stencil material?
A - ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils perform significantly better than the ALPHA® CUT material
when looking at variation within the data sets. Internal print trials confirm the customer
testimonials that ALPHA® CUT HR2 delivers more consistent print results.

Q - Will I still see benefits if I’m printing bigger pitch components?
A - Yes. Our controlled testing and customer feedback indicate that the print definition and
reduced variability of volume deposits are of benefit across a wide range of components,
not just ultra-fine pitch.

Q - Will I still be able to purchase traditional ALPHA® Cut Stencils?
A - Yes. MacDermid Alpha will continue to manufacture the ALPHA® Cut stencils, however
given the improvements seen with ALPHA® CUT HR2 stencils, we expect more customers
to transition to the new stencil.

Q - Will ALPHA® CUT HR2 Stencils require different settings in my printer?
A - No. The benefits of reduced variation and improved print definition have been observed
without any alteration to printer setups for stencils currently in use.

Q - Are multi-level stencils available with ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils?
A - Yes, both ALPHA® Precision Milled and ALPHA® Etch multilevel options are available
with the ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils.

Q - Are ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils suitable for printing with ALPHA® HiTech Adhesives?
A - Yes. ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils are compatible with MacDermid Alpha’s range
of adhesive and solder paste products.

Q - Will the benefits of Nano coating option still be present with ALPHA® CUT HR2?
A - Yes. The benefits of Nano coating, including reduced under stencil wiping frequency,
are still present with ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils.

Q - Will there be a difference in delivery time when ordering ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils?
A - No. Switching to ALPHA® CUT HR2 has no impact on lead time.

Q - Are ALPHA® CUT HR2 Stencils available in Vectorguard® format?
A - Yes, but only on special request at this point in time.