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Metcal Connection Validation Robotic Soldering System

Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity with Robotic Soldering.

Robotic soldering is becoming more commonplace as manufacturers look to reduce risk and increase productivity. Metcal’s new Robotic Soldering System addresses these needs by combining our patented Connection Validation (CV) technology and Smart Interface System. CV mitigates solder joint defects by validating the intermetallic compound (IMC) formation in a soldered joint, and reduces unnecessary dwell time by signalling to the system to move to the next solder joint in the program after a good joint is detected.

The Smart Interface System combines dual cameras, a touchscreen interface and powerful software, enabling easy programming and reduced turnover time. Importing your Gerber or DXF file capturing the image of your printed circuit board starts the programming process. Control of the system is integrated through the touchscreen interface, enabling users to
select the solder joints, control the integrated solder feeder or manage process parameters through a graphical user interface. The Connection Validation Robotic Soldering System is the newest example of Metcal’s Industrial Ingenuity.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • SmartHeat: Provides power on demand, in response to the thermal load.
  • Connection Validation: Validates the intermetallic compound (IMC) formation of a solder joint via a patented algorithm and signals the system to move to
    the next joint.
  • Smart Interface System: Integrates control of the system into an easy to control interface. The custom graphical user interface (GUI) provides a powerful user experience that allows a user to quickly program and control all aspects of their solder program. The system allows quick and easy edits of solder programs, ensuring changes are easily implemented with minimal downtime.
  • Quick-Change Cartridge System: The Robotic Soldering System features a
    new quick-change cartridge collect that enables the system to utilise and exchange any CV compatible soldering cartridge with the system.
  • Integrated Solder Feeder Controls:  Customise the application of solder to the
    solder joint via the Smart Interface System. Control the speeds and feeds of each application of solder to ensure the correct volume at each solder joint.
  • Pattern Recognition and Array Programming: Speed up the programming process by letting the Smart Interface System find repeating patterns and apply the same soldering program. Each pattern can be stored in a library that is available to the user for each new printed circuit board. Using Array Programming takes programming to the next level. Using a base program, the system effortlessly generates a user-defined array of the given program. As a result, productivity is increased and the overall time to setup a new program is significantly reduced.

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Product Number : RSS-1000-CVSI