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Alpha Screenwash Plus

ALPHA Screenwash Plus is a screen cleaning liquid designed for use at full strength. It is available in conveniently sized, trigger operated bottles. ALPHA Screenwash Plus has been formulated for efficient removal of solder paste residues from printing stencils. It does not contain CFCs or other ozone depleting materials.

ALPHA Screenwash Plus has been designed for general cleaning duties around the printing machine, in particular, the manual cleaning of printing stencils. By using this material, a high degree of stencil cleanliness can be achieved. Residual solder paste will be softened and released from apertures quickly and efficiently. 

It is also possible to use ALPHA Screenwash Plus to clean misprinted boards prior to automated cleaning. This avoids depositing larger amounts of solder paste into the cleaning machine. It is also suitable for other cleaning applications including squeegee blades and other flux contaminated items.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Does Not Contain CFCs or Chlorinated Solvents; Environmentally Friendly
  • High Flash Point; No Fire Hazard
  • Low Vapor Pressure; Dries Quickly
  • Available in 450ml Spray Bottles
  • 24 Month Shelf Life


Product Number : 419580.0001

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