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Metcal CV-UK7-HTD Wire Feeder (High Thermal Demand) Upgrade Kit

Solder Wire Feeder (High Thermal Demand) upgrade kit - Metcal CV-UK7-HTD for CV-5200 Series. Includes Metcal CV-H7-HTD Metcal Hand-piece and Metcal WS1 TipSaver workstand

The Metcal CV-UK7-HTD is an ESD-Safe, Connection Validation (CV) Series "Metcal Solder Wire Feeder" Soldering Iron Hand-Piece Upgrade Kit. The Metcal Solder Wire Feeder System adds control and convenience to the soldering process. This system provides repeatability and functionality to the process via the iron's digital controls, high performance and it's ability to handle multiple wire solder diameters.

The Metcal CV-H7-HTD High Thermal Demand hand piece and tips transform the Metcal CV-5200 Soldering System into a powerhouse. Metcal’s HTD solution provides a boost in performance by more effectively delivering thermal energy to the most demanding loads.

*** Not suitable for use with Metcal CV-500 Series***

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Metcal CV-UK7-HTD Advanced Hand-piece.
  • Metcal WS1 Workstand
  • Metcal USF-1000 Solder Wire Feeder
  • Metcal USF-FTA-12 Feeder Tube Assembly (0.56 - 0.71mm Wire Dia.)
  • Metcal USF-GTA-12 - Guide Tube & Teflon Nozzle (1.2mm)
  • Metcal PCT-FS1 Footswitch
  • Metcal 20237S S Clip (4 - 5.6mm)
  • No Power Supply included
  • No Tips included
  • Uses Metcal HCV Cartridges
  • Improved temperature control: Metcal’s SmartHeat® inside means lower risk of overshooting delicate components.
  • Very fast heat-up speed means you can get to your next task even faster.
  • Compatible with solder diameters from 0.3mm to 1.27mm 


Product Number : CV-UK7-HTD

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