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Water Soluble Flux Remover Pen

The Water Soluble Flux Remover Pen is a flux remover packaged in a convenient portable pen. The proprietary blend of alcohols is engineered specifically to quickly clean rosin fluxes, synthetic fluxes and most no-clean fluxes/pastes from all types of electronic assemblies, circuit boards and associated assembly equipment. This low cost cleaner has a slower evaporation rate and dries residue-free. It is also effective in cleaning oils and grime often found on electronics and is compatible with nearly all electronics grade materials and substrates. Use with confidence to clean assembly line items such as SMT stencils, components, boards, displays, cables and connectors.

MOQ of 50 (1 Box).

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Low-cost cleaner for rosin, water-based and no-clean fluxes.
  • Use on solder pastes, fluxes and fresh chip bonder.
  • Plastic-safe.
  • Slow drying increases cleaning time when working with baked-on flux residues.
  • Engineered alcohol blend delivers increased cleaning strength compared to isopropyl alcohol. 
  • ESD-safe.
  • Portable for field service and benchtop applications.


Product Number : MCC-PROPEN