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Metcal MX-UK7 Solder Wire Feeder System

Introducing Metcal's Solder Wire Feeder System - MX-UK7

Metcal’s Solder Wire Feeder System adds control and convenience to your soldering process. The digital controls, high performance, and its ability to handle multiple solder wire diameters provide repeatability and functionality to your process. The Solder Wire Feeder pairs with Metcal’s SmartHeat® MX-5200 or MX-500 Soldering and Rework Systems.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Digital Controls with multiple Modes of Operation: Forward Feed, Retraction, Delay, and Speed are programmable parameters in either the automatic, forward, or the backward mode of operation. 
  • Large LCD Display: Displays program parameters and a cycle counter with the selectable unit of measure: millimeters or inches.
  • Internal Program Storage: Stores thirty (30) programs internally, allowing the operator to select the right program for the right application.
  • Password Protection: Prevents unintended changes to stored programs.
  • Multiple Solder Diameters: Compatible with solder diameters 0.3mm to 1.27mm 
  • Solder Feed Blades: Reduces the tendency for solder balls to form at point of use.
  • Solder Spool Lock: Secures the solder spool to the unit.
  • Universal Power Supply: Automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly, which allows for worldwide operation without adaptors.

Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Metcal USF-1000 Solder Wire Feeder Unit
  • Metcal MX-H7-SF - Handpiece for solder feeder
  • Metcal USF-FTA-12 - Feeder tube assembly - 0.25-0.75mm wire diameter. 
  • Metcal USF-GTA-12 - Guide tube assembly for USF-FTA-12
  • Metcal WS1 - Sleeper Workstand
  • Foot Switch
  • AC-DC Power Adaptor


Product Number : MX-UK7

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