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IND100 - 108L Ultrasonic Bath

Effective cleaning and high productivity

The IND100 industrial ultrasonic cleaner is robust and reliable, delivering effective cleaning results for all manufacturing, processing and maintenance applications. 

This 108L ultrasonic cleaner can process multiple parts in one cycle, removing contaminants from crevices and other hard to reach areas thoroughly and quickly. The improved cleaning results reduce the need for re-cleans or rejects, increasing throughput and cleaning quality of your components whilst the simple one-button-press operation allows the operator to process other tasks during the cleaning cycle. 

Aqueous Cleaning

Using aqueous solutions, the IND-Series cleans with minimal environmental impact or health and safety requirements. 

The stainless steel lid acts as an insulator, minimising evaporation thus lowering heating requirements, water and detergent usage. 

Robust and reliable

Built with a heavy duty 316 stainless steel tank, the longevity of the IND-Series is maximised. The stainless steel basket shelf further minimises wear whilst parts are positioned to ensure maximum exposure to ultrasonic cleaning activity. The 3 year warranty is supported by Ultrawave’s dedicated After Sales Department. 

For the best results, use an Ultrawave cleaning detergent specially formulated to maximise ultrasonic cleaning performance. 

Contact us for advice on the most suitable cleaning fluid for your application.

Key Product Applications:

  • Manufacturing

                ✓ Semi-Conductors

                ✓ Plating & Surface Finishing

                ✓ Food & Beverage

                ✓ Moulding

                ✓ Filtration

                ✓ Marine

                ✓ Automotive

                ✓ Medical Devices & Orthopaedic Implants

                ✓ Defence

                ✓ Pharmaceutical

                ✓ Aerospace

  • Maintenance & Reconditioning 

                ✓ Oil & Gas

                ✓ Heat exchangers

                ✓ Automotive Servicing


Product Number : F0042901

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