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Neon 60 - 60L Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrawave's new Neon 60 enhances your ultrasonic cleaning activities with Frequency Leap Technology, delivering outstanding performance with cost saving benefits. All wetted parts of the tank are 316 stainless steel, maximising chemical compatibility and system longevity. 

Incorporating a sinusoidal overflow-weir, jetting system, stainless steel pump and filtration system in one small footprint, the recirculated fluid reduces contaminants within the tank, minimising drag through. Running costs and waste are reduced, using less water and less detergent than standard ultrasonic cleaners. 

The Neon 60 can be used as a stand alone, individual tank whilst its clever modular design  also allows easy retrofitting of additional wash, rinse and drying stages as specified by your requirements. This new Ultrasonic Cleaning System offers the highest quality ultrasonic cleaning, with reduced running costs from one small footprint. 

For the best results, use an Ultrawave cleaning detergent specially formulated for ultrasonic cleaning.

Key Product Applications:

  • Manufacturing

                ✓ Medical Devices & Orthopedic Implants

                ✓ Pharmaceutical

                ✓ Aerospace

                ✓ Printing Technology & Equipment

                ✓ Food & Beverage

                ✓ Automotive

                ✓ Defense

  • Healthcare

                ✓ Optical


Product Number : F0045201