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Alpha Cleanwave Sn63/Pb37

ALPHA® Cleanwave 63/37 is manufactured using high purity raw materials and is treated using proprietary dross reducing technology to give a solder alloy that has Low Dross Characteristics.

As a general purpose wave soldering product, it has very good wetting and soldering performance, meets international specifications J-STD-006A, ISO 9453, JIS Z3282A, and includes proprietary dross reducing technology.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Creating low oxide formation and excellent wetting.
  • Conforms to BS219 Grade AP and EN29453 No.1.
  • Manufactured  to  Alpha's high standards giving  a  product  that  can  be  relied on to give good consistent soldering performance.
  • Low  Dross  Characteristics: reducing the amount of dross in the wave pot leading to lower downturn and reducing the chance of oxide entrapped in joints.
  • Low Dross Characteristics: giving cost effective use of the solder alloy.


Prod. No. 51694
Alpha Cleanwave 63/37 1kg BAR

Prod. No. 51722
Alpha Cleanwave 63/37 Chunks

Prod. No. 52443
Alpha Cleanwave 63/37 3.3kg Ingot


Q - What is the optimum operating temperature for running a solder bath?
A - This can depend to some extent to the thickness and complexity of the PCB,s being processed. In general 245C - 255C. Multi layer PCB,s with ground planes may well need a little higher.

Q - How can l prevent dross forming on the top surface of the bath, should l leave it or take it off?
A - Dross will form naturally due to presence of oxygen in the air, similar to rust on a car. If you let it build up to much there is a risk of it being dragged back down the impeller shaft and appearing on the wave and those contaminating the pcb. However if you keep removing it then the process will simply reproduce more dross.

Q - What should l do with the dross l scrap off the top of the bath?
A - Solder Connection can supply you with suitable containers to put this material complete with a sealed lid. Blue for leaded and Green for Lead Free. Please contact the office to arrange removal from you facility.

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