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Safewash Mechanical - SWMP/SWMN

The Safewash Mechanical range has been designed to clean and degrease mechanical parts. These products have been specifically developed as replacements for the toxic and highly hazardous solvents found in other degreasers on the market. They exhibit excellent results whilst not compromising the cleaning quality and without displaying any detrimental side effects. The products are packaged in a concentration suitable for immediate use and further dilution is not recommended. 

SWMN is a non-flammable, water-based product that can be sprayed, dipped, brushed or used in batch cleaning systems & is safe to use on most plastics and rubbers (test before bulk use). SWMN will not normally attack sensitive metals unless they are cleaned many times or the units are immersed for an excessive cleaning period. SWMN will thoroughly remove dirt and grease deposits facilitating more efficient machinery performance. 

SWMP is the same as above but with enhanced performance for cleaning very stubborn residues, and is ideal for cleaning of general dirt from metals that are not sensitive to alkalis. The manner by which the products are utilised varies depending on the day-to-day needs involved. 

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Designed to clean and degrease mechanical parts
  • Can be sprayed, dipped or brushed or used in batch cleaning systems
  • Removes dirt and grease deposits
  • Non-hazardous with very low odour
  • Excellent materials compatibility
  • SWMP has enhanced performance properties for more stubborn deposits


Prod. No. SWMP25L
Safewash Mechanical Enhanced

Prod. No. SWMN25L
Safewash Mechanical

Prod. No. SWMN200L
Safewash Mechanical 200L

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