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Contact Grease - CG60

CG60 contact lubricant offers enhanced electrical and mechanical properties under the conditions required by today's automotive and domestic equipment industries. It has been specifically designed for use with a vast array of modern and very sensitive plastics.

Key Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Excellent high performance lubricant 
  • Reduces electrical background noise 
  • Excellent plastics compatibility 
  • Contains a UV trace to allow easy inspection


Prod. No. CG6035SL
Contact Grease 35ml

Prod. No. CG60310ML
Contact Grease 310ml

Prod. No. CG60800G
Contact Grease 800g

Prod. No. CG6010K
Contact Grease 10KG

Prod. No. CG6020K
Contact Grease 20KG

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