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2G Special Contact Grease - SGA

The Electrolube number 2 range of contact lubricants were developed in response to a requirement for an effective treatment for all types of contacts, particularly in situations where extremes of temperature and environmental conditions are encountered. Correct application of the right grade will reduce contact resistance and arcing of contacts of all ratings from small relays to high capacity contactors.

Key Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Effective treatment for all types of contacts 
  • Reduces contact resistance and arching of contacts form small relays to high capacity contactors 
  • Will not migrate from vertical contacts or surfaces 
  • Oil version available (SOA)


Prod. No. SGA20S
Contact Treatment Grease 20ml


Prod. No. SGA01K
Contact Treatment Grease 1KG


Prod. No. SGA05K
Contact Treatment Grease 5KG


Prod. No. SGA12.5K
Contact Treatment Grease 12.5KG


Prod. No. SGA25K
Contact Treatment Grease 25KG


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