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PCS - Peelable Coating Mask Synthetic

PCS is a peelable coating mask which has been designed as an improved version of Electrolube's PCM with an extended shelf life. It is a flexible synthetic acrylic latex with good solvent resistance making it suitable for masking components, connectors and other items during a conformal coating process. 

PCS ensures that sensitive items and areas requiring further processing are not coated. It is particularly suitable for protecting areas from ingress of conformal coating, e.g. pin connectors, adjustable pots, IC sockets etc. The high film strength of PCS means that it can be peeled by hand without breaking or leaving residues. PCS has also proven to be an effective solder mask in wave soldering applications.

Key Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Thermal cure
  • Ammonia free - no odour 
  • Manual removal, leaves no residues 
  • Does not dissolve in solvents or contaminate conformal coatings 
  • Suitable for use with dip, spray or brush applied coatings 
  • Can be accurately applied using automated dispensing machines


Prod. No. PCS250
Peelable Coating Mask 250ml

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