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MX-500DS - Soldering & Desoldering

Metcal’s MX-500 Soldering and Desoldering System has been re imagined, adding features and a new look to a bench top icon. The system utilizes SmartHeat Technology and tip temperature is determined by the inherent metallurgical properties of the heater; no external adjustment or equipment is required. The MX-500 retains switchable dual port, 40W operation while introducing numerous new features in a new housing.

The MX-500DS includes the standard MX-RM3E soldering & rework hand-piece and WS1 Sleeper workstand, alongside the MX-DS1 Desolder hand-piece and MX-W5DS TipSaver workstand.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated Power Indication Meter: a built in net power meter which will display a graphical and numerical representation of the power applied to the cartridge.
  • User Programmable PowerSave Mode: the time to enter PowerSave Mode is adjustable from 10 to 120 minutes.
  • Ground Fault Interrupt: AC ground monitor detects power line ground failures and immediately alerts the operator and shuts down the system.
  • Universal Power Supply: automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly, for worldwide operation.
  • Compatibility with all MX products
  • Greater process control with SmartHeat Technology

Soldering cartridges: STTC Series, STDC Series and SMTC Series


Product Number : MX-500DS

£ 674.00

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