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AFA Aromatic Free Acrylic Coating

AFA is an optically clear conformal coating ideally suited for use as an LED coating or in other commercial applications. AFA also contains a UV trace, which allows inspection of the PCB after coating to ensure complete and even coverage and may be removed for rework using solvents such as Electrolube's ULS.

Product features and benefits:

  • Excellent clarity, ideal for LED applications  
  • Free of aromatic solvents
  • UL approved, free from aromatic solvents such as Toluene and Xylene
  • UL746 Approved
  • Meets IPC-CC-830 industry standard
  • Excellent protection in humid environments
  • May be removed with solvents such as Electrolube Ultrasolve (ULS)
  • UV trace to aid inspection


Prod. No. AFA200
Acrylic Conformal Coating 200ml Aerosol

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