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HCT2-120 - Digital Hot Air Pencil

The HCT2-120 Hot Air Pencil was developed for very small surface mount component sizes (1206’s and smaller) and low board densities This digital handheld convection tool is ideally suited for light rework applications, which use smaller components and integrated circuits.

As component miniaturization continues (i.e. 01005 components), the ergonomics of a pencil allow a user more freedom to access and rework components on the board without affecting adjacent parts. Larger hand-held convection systems commonly reflow and dislodge adjacent components due to a higher minimum airflow. The HCT2-120’s small nozzle sizes and precise and controllable airflow and temperature allow the operator to target only the desired component.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • 120 Watt Ceramic Heater and Dual Stage Air Pump: Provides the power and performance needed to deliver the right amount of thermal energy.
  • Digital Airflow and Temperature Controls: Two LED displays provide a graphical and numerical representation of the desired airflow and temperature.
  • Fast Response and Performance: A microprocessor controlled, closed loop feedback system provides fast heating, precise and stable temperature control.
  • Standby Mode: When the hand-piece is placed into the workstand, the temperature will drop prolonging heater life.
  • Universal Power Supply: Automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly, which allows for worldwide operation without adaptors or a change in performance.
  • Ergonomic and Light Weight Hand-Piece: Slim and ergonomic design handpiece that feels like a pencil, with a rubber grip.
  • Nozzles: Six nozzles (1.5 mm – 4.0 mm) are included in the unit with a nozzle plate holder inside the workstand.
  • Easy Change Heaters and Nozzles


Product Number : HCT2-120

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