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Universal Acrylic Thinners UAT

UAT is a high purity solvent blend designed for diluting Electrolube Conformal Coatings for use in dip and spray coating applications. Electrolube coatings suitable for use with UAT are:  

 HPA - High Performance Acrylic 

 APL - Acrylic Protective Lacquer 

 TRV - Tropicalised Varnish

Key Product Features & Benefits:
  • Used to dilute acrylic conformal coatings for use in dipping and spraying applications
  • Normal thinning ratio for spraying applications is 2 parts coating to 1 part thinner


Prod. No. UAT2.5L
Acrylic Coating Thinner 2.5L

Prod. No. UAT05L
Acrylic Coating Thinner 5L

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