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Metcal MFR-1160 - Soldering & Rework (SSC Cartridges)

The Metcal MFR-1100 Single Output Series is a highly versatile unit that is available with either a soldering/blade tips, soldering/rework cartridges or tweezer hand-piece. 

The Metcal MFR-1160 comes with a Cartridge Hand-piece especially designed for Metcal SSC cartridges, used with the discontinued Metcal SP-200 Soldering System. 

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Users will be able to smoothly transition from their Metcal SP200 Soldering System to the flexible Metcal MFR-1100 Single Output Soldering Series, which offers soldering and rework applications versatility without compromising on their choice of consumables.
  •  Powered by SmartHeat Technology.
  • The Metcl MFR-H6-SSC hand-piece is ESD, lightweight and ergonomic (same design as Metcal SP-HC1 hand-piece).
  • Compatible with all Metcal SSC tip cartridges

Soldering cartridges: Metcal SSC Series


Product Number : MFR-1160

£ 288.00

Currently in stock : 0 Lead Time : 10 Days

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