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SolderStar WaveSelective Pallet

Designed to work in conjunction with an existing SolderStar Pro temperature profiling package, the SolderStar WaveSelective Pallet provides detailed analysis of all key parameters of the selective soldering process.

Pre-heat  temperature profiles, solder pot and solder nozzle measurement sensors  are combined in one easy to use wave solder fixture, this unique tool  allows manufacturers a quickly perform setup and verification profiles  of their selective soldering machines.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • High quality 10mm fixture provides a fixed robust platform for initial process set up, periodic checking and comparison.
  • Titanium contact sensors give highest measurement accuracy on Wave Height and main and chip wave parameters.
  • Fully enclosed and protected datalogger and contact measurement system ideal for hotter lead-free processes.
  • Connectivity via standard USB cables or 2.4Ghz Wireless Telemetry.
  • Dedicated Wave Central PC analysis software with product database and integrated SPC 5 charting package.

Selective Soldering - A Brief Guide


Product Number : AC-WSSEL

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