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Metcal MFR-1351 - Soldering & Desoldering System

The Metcal MFR-1351 Soldering & Desoldering System features a soldering hand-piece and a desoldering gun. The power supply has an internal pump providing 0.7 bar of vacuum suction force combined with Metcal Smartheat® technology that makes soldering, rework and through-hole desoldering easy and safe.

Solder collection capability have been increased by 40% from previous Metcal MFR desolder systems and the innovative replaceable collection chamber enables reduced downtime and quicker changeover. 

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Self-contained powerful pump
  • 2 in 1 ergonomic and flexible hand-piece: pencil or pistol
  • Collection chamber with larger capacity
  • Smart collection chamber for quick and easy change
  • Dual switchable output
  • Powered by Metcal Smartheat® Technology

Soldering cartridges: Metcal SxP Series, DxP Series and RxP Series


Product Number : MFR-1351

£ 673.00

Currently in stock : 2

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