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VeriClean - No Clean Flux Remover

No Clean Flux Remover - VeriClean® is a moderately aggressive circuit cleaning fluid. Formulated with a volatile methylsiloxane (VMS) fluid, it dries quickly and  residue-free.  It  is  an  effective  flux  remover  as  well  as  degreaser  and general  purpose  cleaner.  With excellent environmental  properties  and affordable pricing, VeriClean is specified for use on manufacturing and production lines worldwide. 

This versatile cleaner quickly removes fluxes, pastes, organic residues, polar soils, silicone-based conformal coatings, adhesives, greases and oils. It is ideal for cleaning thru-hole, BGA and SMT design circuit boards, and for rinsing residues from connectors. It is safe on all components. 

This formula is has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and is exempt from VOC regulations in most areas. With exceptional safety ratings it is an ideal option for use on modern production lines. 

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Effective on “no-clean” fluxes and pastes, light oils, grease, and many adhesives
  • Dissolves silicone oils, coatings and adhesives quickly and safely
  • HFO Propellant
  • Safe for operators and the environment
  • Plastic safe
  • Low Odour, medium strength and drying speed
  • Low global warming potential and VOC
  • Trigger Grip™ compatible


Product Number : MCC-DC1107

Prod. No. MCC-DC1107

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Q - Which cleaner best removes silicones?
A - This inquiry comes in to MicroCare from customers all the time. Just recently, a customer in aviation needed to remove a silicone-based adhesive from some parts. One part was glass and the other was high-grade steel. Until now they were not able to “clean” the parts, so they just threw the parts away. But MicroCare did the job and it saved the company a lot of money.

Similar problems came from another customer cleaning a silicone conformal coating. We also get this question from companies needing to cleaning silicone SMT adhesives. Many companies try to use IPA to remove the silicone, but that doesn’t work very well and takes hours. Again, MicroCare solved the problem.

Until now (2013) the best choice would have been the best-selling MicroCare cleaner, the No-Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean™. However, now there is a new product that performs even better: the VOC-Free Flux Remover – UltraClean™.

Removing Silicone Residues

Both UltraClean™ and VeriClean™ are based on the chemical “siloxane” which is a chemical “cousin” to silicones. These cleaners are in the silicone family, you might say, even though they are not silicones themselves. Since “like dissolves like” in the chemical world, siloxanes dissolve silicone quickly and easily. In one case study conducted by a large Texas computer manufacturer, VeriClean™ removed in two minutes a coating which had been taking 45 minutes to remove with more traditional solvents.

The industry’s new “solventless” conformal coatings are designed to be removed with this class of cleaners, which makes them just about perfect for many applications. Both choices work great, work fast, have almost no smell, dry promptly, and are priced right. Give either of them a try. The longer the solvent sits on the component, the more cleaning it will do.

A completely unrelated chemistry, the Citrus-Based Flux Remover – Bioact®, also is highly effective at removing silicones. However, this natural, organic cleaner has a pronounced citrus aroma which makes good ventilation a requirement, and not all companies have this equipment.

Special Note: Some companies have a need to swell, but not permanantely deform, silicone tubing. This usually is performed to make it easier to snap together mechical assemblies. In this application, a silicone swelling fluid based on siloxanes is the optimal choice. See: MicroCareMedical for more details on this fascinating application.

Q - What is the VOC content of Vericlean?
A - On the Product Specification you will find a reference to the “non-exempt organic content.” This is the VOC content. The value for No-Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean™ is 87 grams per liter. In most cases, VOC content is expressed in grams-per-liter, not percentages as you note. This allows a more accurate comparison across materials with different specific gravities. So check the product specs and the SDS sheets for the VOC content.

Q - Are MicroCare products suitable for cleanrooms?
A - As for using MicroCare fluids in a clean room, it depends on the “class” or cleanliness standard of the clean room. There is no problem with the purity of the liquid; it’s fine. It’s the packaging that is the concern.
•A Class 10,000 clean room is the norm for many industrial applications, and yes aerosols and pump sprays generally would be fine there.
•Tighter than Class 1000 clean rooms, aerosol and pump spray products usually are not permitted because of the droplets they put into the air, so the customer would use the cleaner in bulk (unpressurized) packaging and pour the liquid into bottles and jars.This is one of the reasons MicroCare offers our products in pails.
•Class 100 clean rooms require positive air pressure, air locks, complete covering of the body with face masks, etc. In these facilities anything put into the clean room must come with clean room packaging. This is basically a double-pack: an outer package, for shipping and handling, that is removed and then the product is put into an airlock, and opened on the other side, at which time the second packaging is opened or removed. Obviously, our cleaners are not packaged in this manner.

So, it depends upon the specification for the clean room.

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