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Screenclean 400 Stencil Cleaner

Screenclean 400 is a  synergynistic blend of high performance Glycol Ethers and Hydrocarbons  specifically designed for fast, effective removal of uncured Solder Paste and Adhesive residues from Screens, Stencils and associated tooling. It will also remove residues from misprinted PCB's. SC400 is surfactant free and does not degrade in use. 

SC400  is supplied ready to use and is suitable for a wide range of processes  from hand spot cleaning, solvent tanks on automatic stencil printers, alongside immersion and spray type automatic stencil cleaning machines.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Supplied ready to use
  • Effectively removes pastes and adhesives
  • Surfactant free
  • Low toxicity & low odour
  • Ultra low VOC content
  • Does not require heating


Prod. No. CL-041-017
Screenclean 400 - 10L

Prod. No. WP-071-003
Screenclean 400 - Ultrawipes (Tub of 200)

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