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Vaculoy SACX Antioxidant Additive

SACX alloy contains an Anti-Oxidant Additive. This additive reduces the oxidation of the solder, but due to preferential oxidation over Tin, Silver and Copper it is consumed in the process. For most medium/high volume operations the level of this dross reducing additive is naturally kept in equilibrium by the regular addition of fresh solder. For some lower volume operations where the wave is on for extended periods and the alloy usage is low the levels may need to be replenished by the small addition of SACXTM Anti-oxidant Additive. The need for this can be reduced by following the guidance on the Reference Bulletin “Wave Set up to Minimize Dross”.

How do I know if I need to make this adjustment? 

As part of the pot rite service our laboratories are set up to check the concentration of the Anti-Oxidant Additive on all SACXTM pot analysis. If they find that the concentration has dropped below the minimum then they will automatically advise the addition of the SACXTM Anti-oxidant Additive. 

Other signs that can indicate that adjustment is required are:

  • A change in the appearance of the dross from dry grey/black powdery oxide to an emulsified mix of powder and metal (“wet dross”). 
  • Yellow coloration on the surface of the metal.
  • Dross appearing on the surface of the wave. 
  • More dross than normal being removed from the solder pot.


Product Number : 150244

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