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Metcal MFR-1120 - Soldering & Rework (Tip)

The Metcal MFR-1100 Single Output Series is a highly versatile unit that is available with either a soldering/blade tips, soldering/rework cartridges or tweezer hand-piece. 

The Metcal MFR-1120 includes a solder/blade tip hand-piece (Metcal MFR-H2-ST2) and a workstand. See below for the list of  tips available for the Metcal MFR-1120. Other accessories are also available.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Metcal SmartHeat® Technology includes a microprocessor controlled heating system that operates at lower temperatures and eliminates calibration time. .
  • Metcal MFR-1100 units are designed for use with 5 different hand-pieces, including a desoldering option.
  • Each hand-piece has a large variety of cartridges and Tips for maximum flexibility
  • Ergonomic hand-piece helps ensure operator safety and comfort
  • Small bench top footprint
  • Can be combined with the Metcal MFR-2200 Dual Output Series for additional application options.

Soldering cartridges: Metcal SxP Series and CxV Series


Product Number : MFR-1120

£ 279.00

Currently in stock : 0 Lead Time : 15 Days

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