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Metcal UltraFine Tweezer Hand Piece - CV-H4-UFT

Metcal's CV-H4-UFT UltraFine® Tweezer hand-piece provide a speciality tool for soldering and rework of very small components, with restricted access or high component density packaging on a PCB. The Metcal CV-H4-UFT pairs with Metcal’s SmartHeat® CV-5200 and CV-500 Soldering Systems.

This Hand Piece is also included in the Metcal CV-UK4-UFT Upgrade Kit.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

  • Precision temperature control: Metcal’s SmartHeat® inside means lower risk of overshooting delicate components.
  • Independent tweezer tip alignment adjustment for improved precision.
  • Very fast heat-up speed means you can get to your next task even faster.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight hand-piece keeps you comfortable even on large industrial jobs.
  • Designed for use under a microscope.
  • Metcal UFT cartridges available in 600 and 700 series temperatures for the UltraFine® Tweezer hand-piece


Product Number : CV-H4-UFT

£ 177.50