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Metcal Advanced Hand Piece - CV-H1-AV

Metcal's CV-H1-AV is an advanced hand piece with integrated LED light. It signals to operator that a good solder joint has been formed. The Metcal CV-H1-AV takes the risk out of soldering success/failure out of the hands of operators. Standardises the skill of the operator by providing repeatability to soldering process. This hand piece is suitable for use with Metcal's CV-5210 & CV-510 soldering stations and it is backwards compatible with Metcal MX series power supplies.

This Hand Piece is also included in the Metcal CV-UK1 Upgrade Kit.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

  • Helps to determine a measurable standard when soldering
  • Metcal Patented chip-in cartridge technology
  • Cable length is 72inch
  • F type power RF connector, 6 pin DIN LED power connector
  • Two single port or dynamic dual simultaneous operation
  • ESD safe


Product Number : CV-H1-AV

£ 107.10