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Metcal CV Desolder Workstand - CV-W5DS

Metcal's CV-W5DS Desolder Workstand is an ESD-Safe,  Metcal Connection Validation (CV) Series Tip-Saver Work-Stand. This stand is designed to hold the Metcal CV-H5-DS Desolder Gun Hand Piece. Featuring an integrated Auto-Sleep Function, which places the iron in sleep mode when entered into the magnetic cradle of the stand, this stand helps save the overall life of the tip or cartridge being used. 

Key Products Features & Benefits:

  • Auto sleep function helps save tip/cartridge life. 
  • Adjustable cradle for preferred tool placement.
  • Complete with yellow sponge and brass pad to clean the tip/cartridge. 
  • Compatible with Metcal CV-H5-DS Desolder Gun Hand Piece. 
  • Included in Metcal CV-UK5 Upgrade Kit.
  • Work Stand Only.


Product Number : CV-W5DS

£ 67.30