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Summer, Soldering, Savings!

For limited time only, with every purchase of an MFR-1110 Soldering System,
receive a selection of Metcal's top Soldering Tips, FREE!

Choose any combination of tips from 5 options*!


Metcal's MFR-1110 Soldering System is a versatile single output, hand soldering system, which may use tips, cartridges or tweezers.  An MFR-H1-SC2 hand-piece is included which is ideal for applications including SMD rework. Featuring SmartHeat® Technology: providing exceptional power for high thermal demand applications.

With your purchase you will receive a selection of free Metcal Soldering tips, of your combination from a set of 5, designed specifically for use with the MFR-1100 Solder Series. Included are 3 Chisel and 2 Conical solder tips, for most standard applications. Chisel tips are ideal for medium to light through-hole and general surface mount touch-up whilst Conical tips include 'Long Reach' and 'Bent' nozzles for harder to reach areas. 

*Tips included are: SFP-CH10, SFP-CH15, SFP-CH25, SFP-CNL04 & SFP-CNB05

For further information or a quotation contact our Sales Office:
UK Sales Office: +44 (0) 1291 624 400  

*Terms & Conditions: Offer valid until 30/08/18. Excludes Ireland & Northern Ireland. Only applicable on MFR-1110. Free Tips indicated may be substituted, dependant on availability