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Alpha Solder Wire

Alpha has a range of Flux Cored Solder Wires for component attach, rework and touch-up soldering for through-hole and surface mount technologies.  The range includes no-clean, water-soluble and activated rosin fluxes in a variety of solder alloys.  Alpha provides flux cored solder wires with the highest performance for hand soldering and robotic soldering processes, including drag soldering and laser soldering. 

All products are manufactured to ISO 12224-1 specification and test methods. Within our extensive range, you will find an Alpha flux cored solder wire that meets your specific needs.

Other Alloys & Diameters may be available on request. Please bear in mind non-stock or special item may carry an MOQ.

Flux Cored Wire

Product Flux TypeJ-STDSAC305SACX63/3760/4062/36/2Attributes
HF-850No CleanROL0xxx
xFast Wetting, Halogen-Free & High Reliability
FT2002Rosin Free
No Clean

Colophony Free
Reliacore 15RMAROL1


Miltitary & Aerospace Approved
PureCoreWater SolubleORM1x

xEasy Clean in Water
Fluitin 1535RMAROL1

Traditional Rosin Solder
Telecore XL-825
No Clean

Fast Wetting & Low Splattering

Solid Wire

ProductAlloy TypeTemp RangeJ-STDISO 9453
Alpha Vaculoy Feed Wire SAC305Sn96.5 / Ag3.0 / Cu0.5217-219xx
Alpha Vaculoy Feed Wire SACX
Sn99 / Ag0.3 / Cu0.7217-228x
Alpha Vaculoy Feed Wire 63/37
Sn63 / Pb37