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Solder Recovery Moulds

Solder Connection manufacture light weight, ergonomic solder moulds which can be supplied individually or in sets of 6, which are ideally suitable for assisting production and maintenance engineers both working on wave solder machines or on the smaller selective solder pots many of which are common today within the production line, allowing them to easily drain and remove the existing solder from the solder pots to create easily handled solder ingots. These are small enough to return to the solder pot after planned maintenance programmes or simply to store ahead of recycling if changing alloys to lead free or perhaps the last solder analysis was outside of your ISO 9001 in house stated quality guidelines.

The moulds are designed and manufactured from 3 mm mild steel sheet, professionally MIG welded together, shot blasted to remove any oxide build up before hot Zinc plasma spray coating to give a long lasting heat resistant finish.

Initial customer comment has been favourable:

“The solder releases nice and easily from the mould when cooled which is very important, the solder ingots were very easy to transport safely within the production environment whilst molten (small journey from next the pot to a cooling area) and it created a good / manageable sized ingot which stacked tidily on the pallet awaiting collection"

Please contact Solder Connection if you require moulds of a more bespoke nature to suit your individual requirements.

Solder Connection also offer full analytical services for all common solder alloys in use today in line with IPC guideline’s and are fully licensed to transport and store all dross, solder fines and waste solder paste including the spent plastics containers.

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