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MicroCare Electronics Cleaners

For over 30 years MicroCare has helped companies around the world 'discover perfectly clean'. Their products are designed to clean circuit boards at the lowest possible cost. With a focus on SMT production lines their products are commonly used on stencil printers, reflow ovens and at inspection & rework areas.

Easily remove fluxes, pastes, oils, grease, coatings and adhesives at inexpensive prices. From nonflammable solvents for de-fluxing, to contact cleaners, wipes and solvents, MicroCare has a product to address every requirement and ensure your electronics equipment keeps running smoothly.

Flux Removers

MicroCare Flux Removers

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MicroCare Cleaning Tools

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Freezer and duster

MicroCare Dusters & Freeze Sprays

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