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Metcal Hand Soldering Systems provide users with a wide range of choices to address conduction hand soldering desoldering and rework processes. At the core of each soldering iron is SmartHeat Technology. This means that soldering, desoldering and rework are always performed at safe and controlled temperatures.

From the entrée level PS900 soldering unit, we move upwards in complexity through to the MFR 1100, MFR 2200 and MX 500 Soldering / Desoldering systems culminating with the high performance, high power MX 5200 unit our flag ship of the soldering group.

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Metcal Connection Validation

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Metcal CV Upgrade Kits

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Metcal GT90 Series Soldering System

Metcal GT Series Soldering Stations

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Metcal PS-900 Series

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Metcal MX-5200 Series

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Metcal MX-500 Series

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Metcal MX Upgrade Kits

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