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Senju Solder Spheres

Senju manufacture a comprehensive range of solder spheres all of which are excellent quality, high sphericity with narrow tolerance bands to ensure all products are perfectly matched. Products with various ball diameters and compositions are available to support cutting edge semiconductor mounting or BGA package repair or rework. The solder spheres are available in a range of various solder alloys. 

Oxide free, tight tolerance solder spheres with diameters ranging from 760 to 20 microns.

Senju also manufacture Low Alpha Count (LAS) type spheres to help protect semiconductor memory devices from being corrupted by “Soft Errors “ due to potential Alpha Rays or Cosmic Rays being emitted from the solder alloy, they are also proven to have far fewer impurities and lesser α-ray discharge.

The Senju range of Copper (Cu) Cored solder coated spheres being unique to Senju have been produced to facilitate 3D packaging techniques and assist in fine pitch soldering of small packages.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • High Sphericity and narrow tolerances.
  • Our lineup of various solder alloys bring the suitable products.
  • Low alpha counts type is also available with fewer impurities and lesser α-ray discharge.
  • Cu cored type is also available for facilitating 3D packaging and fine pitch soldering.

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