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Senju Metal Industry Co.

Senju Metal Industry Co. (SMIC) was established in 1938, producing a range of Soldering materials., Today, Senju manufacturers and supplies globally, with facilities in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe (located in Czechoslovakia). The company focuses on energy conservation & environmental sustainability enhancements.

In 2000, Senju commercialised the standard lead-free solder alloy M705 (SAC305), which has allowed for the elimination of lead from components and products. They are continuing to develop and commercialise various forms of solder, using capabilities such as high-level metal processing, organic synthesis, visco-elasticity control, compounding, soldering, unique casting/forging and granulation processes. 

Senju is keenly aware of its social responsibility to help protect the global environment.They are committed to “Conflict-Free Sourcing” and a developed procurement process satisfying CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)including checking the origins of all smelters producing Tin Ores. Their three pillar philosophy 'Ability, Integrity and a Fighting Spirit' allows them to promote transparency and ensure governance in our business processes, whilst still continuing to innvoate and creat high quality, efficient and market leading products.

Senju's outstanding technical expertise and knowledge allows them to offer its customers a total solution for soldering, reliability improvement, density enhancement and potential cost reductions.

Senju Solder Paste - Lead Free

Senju Solder Paste

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Senju Solder Wire Lead Free Group

Senju Solder Wire

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Solder Preforms Senju

Senju Solder Preforms

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Solder spheres

Senju Solder Spheres

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