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Surface Mount Adhesives (SMA) are used within PCB assembly to fix components to the bottom side of boards during wave or reflow soldering. SMAs reduce the impact of component displacement, whilst not affecting the electronic circuit of the board. Additionally SMA's may be used to increase mechanical strength and reliability in BGAs and CSP's but providing additional shock and resistance to the BGA corner bonds.

Qualitek ThreeBond TB2217L Surface Mount Adhesive is ideal for holding electronic components in place during surface mount soldering operations. The product is heat curable, one-part thixotropic adhesive with high uncured 'green strength' and a fast cure cycle with excellent bond strength offering you a well proven process. Available in 10 and 30cc syringes, alongside a 300cc cartridge and a 100g pot.

Common applications include manual or automatic dispensing through precision needles together with screen printing. For manual dispensing systems, syringes and other accessories please click here.

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SMT Adhesives

ChemicalAppearanceViscosity (BC)*Curing InitiationHardening Time
Shore - Hardness (**AC)Shear Strength (**AC)Application(s)Availability (cc)
EpoxyPink Paste154 (@ 25°C) 80°C<60 sec (@ 150°C)88 D22.8 MpaElectronics Bonding/Sealing

*BC - Before Curing               **AC - After Curing